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  • Do you offer Family Discount?
    Yes, we do offer Family Discount on memberships. We do everything we can to provide the best cost in our Jiu Jitsu school, while delivering high value to our new members or existing.
  • What is your Cancelation Policy?
    You have the right to cancel your membership with a 28 days notice, for any reason. You have the right to cancel your membership FOR ANY REASON WITH A FEE EQUAL TO TWENTY-EIGHT (28) DAYS OF YOUR TUITION. Your cancellation request must be in the method of a written notice and acknowledged by Gracie Barra - Aventura. Your membership cancellation will not be processed until the cancellation fee amount is collected in full AND Gracie Barra - Aventura has received and confirmed your written notice, unless these two items have been received your account will continue to be billed bi-weekly.
  • Can I freeze my membership?
    You may freeze your account. To do so, you must send Gracie Barra - Aventura, a written notice requesting the freeze. Your membership will be frozen immediately and during the period, your credit card on file will be billed $25 for each month, on the date agreed upon in your original membership agreement, in place of the full tuition amount until the freeze period ends.
  • What are your prices?
    We charge same price for everyone, it is unlimited classes for bi-weekly charges of $100.
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